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The Answers You Need

  • What type of coaching do you offer?
    Life coaching, executive consulting and organizational leadership is available.  Coaching strategies and tools can be adapted to either scenario.  Whether you are seeking performance improvement or more clarity in life direction, Trajectory is ready to serve.
  • How much does coaching cost?
    Coaching costs are calculated by total number of sessions and the session duration. I do my best to provide the most reasonable rates with complete cost transparency. There are no long term contracts or other ongoing obligation. No hidden fee, such as membership or new client orientation. Visit the bookings page to see more rate details.
  • How does coaching work?
    You will meet with your coach by phone or zoom. The number of meetings and their frequency are determined by you. During the session we will use a vast number of modalities to help you move forward. As an example, sessions could contain: talk therapy, specialized survey or questionnaires, workflow analysis, time management skills development, environmental psychology assessments...etc. The methods employed will be specific to your personal goals and needs. Imagine having a regular strategy session with a specialist that focuses completely on you and your ambitions.
  • Are meetings and content confidential?
    All conversations, exercises, and profiles are confidential. In the event your coaching is funded by a third party, such as your employer, agreements will be made on what information is shared prior to the first session.
  • How much time should I spend with coaching?
    Ultimately the frequency and duration of coaching is in your hands. It is important that you are 100% on board with the amount of interaction. I will push you to achieve more, but never pressure sell you on anything. With all that in mind, here is a general recommendation for getting started: One session (30 min) per week for the first month or so. After that you can continue at once per week or reduce frequency. It will depend on your personal desire for sustained contact. Many like to maintain regular weekly sessions to help keep them accountable. Still, some are comfortable with less frequent meetings to refresh strategies and goals.
  • Does the coach need expertise related to my field or specific challenges?
    It's understandable to assume that the coach should be an expert in your work sector or life phase.  In fact, it's ideal if the coach is not connected.  Instead, the coach will guide you through performance processes.  The techniques used are backed by proven research.  These methods allow for a broadened exploration of options.  As a result, unique solutions can be found.
  • Is payment and session scheduling through this website required?
    I do my best to work with each client to ensure they are comfortable and confident with the process. This includes arranging payment and setting schedules. The online booking portal is here as a convenience to my clients, not an obligation.
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