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Proven strategies, Insightful Conversations, and exceptional outcomes.

Providing coaching for individuals and leadership training for teams. Maximizing potential and outcomes through the implementation of psychology and science.

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Michael Ewing MA CSCS

Professional Consulting

I've been working one on one with clients for about two decades.  Initially, I worked as a personal trainer and performance coach.  It didn't take long before I realized the importance of psychology and behavior modification.  This inspired me to further my education in psychology.  Making a real lasting difference in my clients' lives requires an understanding of cognitive constructs and biases, reframing, identity clarification, and other psychology-based techniques.  By implementing these, my clients enjoy the benefits long after our session ends.


I currently hold a Master's degree in industrial and organizational psychology.  these fields are growing rapidly and I am passionate about staying on top of the latest developments.  Putting this knowledge and skill set into action is very fulfilling and yields remarkable results.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing my clients exceed their own expectations.


If you're viewing this page, it's likely you're not satisfied with your performance or your team's productivity.  I've learned that everyone, even the highest performers, has the desire to improve.  Right now is your opportunity to begin the process of improvement.  I'm ready and excited to assist you.  Take action while you have this momentum and Fill in the contact information.  I'll help you assess your options and reach the next level.

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