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Life Coaching and Executive Consulting

I provide life coaching, executive consulting, team development, and organizational guidance.  By applying the latest psychology and research I help my clients exceed their own expectations.  I look forward to tackling the unique challenges and goals that lay ahead.  Follow the links below to learn how a professional coach can help.

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Life Coaching and performance optimization

You version 2.0

Feeling stuck?  Do you feel like you're falling short of your potential?  It's time for a new approach.  No need to take this on alone.  I can provide the needed strategies, perspective, and encouragement to help you discover and optimize any aspect of your life.  Stop waiting to "feel ready."  Just get started.  I can help.

Executive consulting and organizational guidance

Professional concepts examined, revised and applied.

I apply techniques from industrial and organizational psychology.  These strategies can be directed toward yourself, individual team members, or even the organizational as a whole.  Some of the most common objectives include leadership development, organizational restructuring, team building, group facilitation, and internal and external client negotiations.

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