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Your current abilities and professional achievements are a product of the efforts you've made in the past.  These efforts may have been major course corrections or perhaps seemingly trivial nudges.  Adjustments impact your future destination as well as outcomes for those around you.  What are you doing today to produce a better tomorrow?  What's your trajectory?



My client base generally falls into personal life coaching or executive and organizational guidance.  I look forward to tackling the unique challenges and goals presented in either case.  Follow the links below to learn how a professional coach can help you.

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Life Coaching and performance optimization

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Executive consulting and organizational guidance

You version 2.0

Feeling stuck?  Do you feel like you're falling short of your potential?  It's time for a new approach.  No need to take this on alone.  I can provide the needed strategies, perspective and encouragement to help you discover and optimized you.  Stop waiting to "feel ready."  Just get started.  I can help.

Professional concepts examined, revised and applied.

I apply techniques from industrial and organizational psychology.  These strategies can be directed toward yourself, individual team members, or even the organizational as a whole.  Some of the most common objectives include leadership development, organizational restructuring, team building, group facilitation, and internal and external client negotiations.

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